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So worth it!!

The book clearly had a lot of effort put into it and it was so visually appealing, the story was nice too

Very cute!

Very cute bow, I was worried it would fall out but it stayed in my hair with minimal adjusting


Beautiful accessory! The fabric has a nice weight to it and is not too thin. I may come back to purchase more colorways as well.

Super comfy

I loved this set! Got the black x blue and it is the perfect option hot weather and casual wearing. Both the dress and bloomers are super comfortable and lightweight. The headbow it's also very simple but elegant. I also like the OTKs but I don't think they match the dress very well. Would prefer if they were black with white details instead.

Nice vest

The fabric was kind of funny? Nice, though. Soft and vibrant lining-the buttons have a weight to them. The waist part on this vest was kind of high.



Goes with well with everything!!

I got Moitié blue and it's suitable for any coordination!!

Just lovely!!

I was wondering how come I got black x green and black x red, when I wanted the green and the black x blue, but then I remembered that MmM has other official resellers, so someone got lucky but I'm not disappointed at all!! Eventually I will have each colour. I just love how durable they are and can work with many pieces!!


I got the blue set. The dress is very cute and the rose screen sprint is sparkly! Dress is lightweight and could be layered for winter. This is a great value.

Great value for money!

This alone could start an entire capsule wardrobe. I love how comfortable it all is. Lovely set!

Lovely, but...

I've been disappointed by the recent re-releases of Moitie's older designs. However, this one actually exceeded my expectations. The quality of materials and the construction, I thought, were worth the price I paid. The poly fabric that was chosen is a similar one used for the 2019 Silent Moon OP and does not feel too cheap. The ribbons are nice and lush, as well as double-sided. The lining, too, was a good quality.
However, one fault I find with the dress is that the length of it is a bit on the long side. I am around 140 cm and I cannot wear the dress without it almost touching the ground. Luckily, altering the length of the dress would not be too hard.
In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by the decent quality of the dress, but disappointed by the extremely long length of it.

2023 Winter Special Set
Bradley & Kira Wittmer
Absolutely gorgeous

I love this dress so much. The quality is amazing and super comfy

perfect !

i love this blouse so much !! came with extra button, amazing quality and just like the pictures !! :3


The dress is absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about this set! Everything from the bow to the tights is so full of beautiful detail! Its stunning! 💙

Classic bow that goes well with everything

I love that the bow itself isnt glued to the headband so you can move it around to your desired position.

Super beautiful and versatile

I love everything about this set. The dress itself can be worn in so many ways and the material is super comfy. It’s my first time buying directly from moitie and I am not disappointed.

Staple piece

The new Jewel Crosses are definitely a bit less sparkly than the old ones (i still have a White one from i think 12 years ago) but are still gorgeous staple pieces to add to your collection. Already bought the red one too, and definitely gonna get them all

Would buy in several colors

Little beautiful lace choker that elevates any outfit you are going to wear. Simple, elegant, effective and comfortable to wear. I only have the black x green colorway but would buy more black based ones if available. Highly recommended!

Perfect for warmer weather

Very light but it does the job. I got the black x white pack and I couldn't be more happier!! I would have loved either or, of course. The bloomers (mine are with the white lace) are beautiful. Socks are amazing. The bow is gorgeous (cross is Moitié blue), and the free necklace, I got it Moitié blue. In my personal opinion, it's worth the price. The OP can even be worn casually. If cap sleeves are an issue, a cute short or long sleeved blouse will give the OP and extra pop, and you'll look even more beautiful than you already are.


I really love it by the fact it will be perfect to twin with the Pullip doll, a beautiful collectible item.


Very beautiful, I received this as a gift.

Adorable little bat charms for where ever you want them!

Really cute bat charm design! It's great to have a way to put Moi-même-Moitié on my bag, or other places. The glitter and printing is well done. And the price is decent. Thanks for making these!


I have wanted one of these pendants for such a long time, it's just absolutely gorgeous! Highly recommend!