Overseas Shipping

There are 3 types of the shipping method for each country and region.
The shipping method that you can choose differs depending on the country and region.

Please confirm the following information before ordering.

◆ Precautions when ordering
Please provide your full name in the shipping address when ordering. If you use a shortened name or nickname,
the shipping will be delayed due to inspection requirements.

Please make sure to provide your valid contact details (phone number/email address).
We may contact you regarding the shipping address before the shipping. Please confirm that you can receive emails from us.

Custom fees may occur depending on the laws of the country in which you reside.
Please check the appropriate service guide for country-specific billing information before ordering.

It takes a while to ship depending on the item.
Please note that we will ship your order once all items have been sent from the brand to our office and have arrived.
You can find the estimated delivery date on each item page.

Generally we do not accept order cancellations for any reason.
Please make sure to confirm the item details, item condition and size/measurements before ordering.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

US, Canada, Europe etc.

Estimated delivery date
Around 3~6 days
After the package is shipped from our office, DHL will send a notification of the delivery status to the customer's email address.
Please check it as it may contain important content.
In case of delivery problems such as undelivered items, please contact the local DHL customer service or our company.
If you cannot confirm the email and the arrival of the package, please check the tracking status on this website with the tracking number sent from our company. After that, please contact DHL customer service or our company.

In the event that the investigation results in ""loss of items,” there may be a maximum limit to the compensation amount and the full amount may not be covered.

Compensation amount:
The lower of the following amounts will be calculated:
-Current market value of the contents of the cargo or the declared value at the time of shipment
-Amount calculated based on approximately $30 per kilogram of lost cargo

Please refer to the DHL Express Transportation Terms and Conditions (Article 6) for more details.

After shipping the package, if the product is returned due to non-payment of custom fees, etc., or if the package is discarded, please note that customer may have to pay all necessary costs.

◆Regarding simple packaging
We encourage the simplification of packaging for shipping purposes. Except for fragile items such as accessories and shoes, we may ship orders in plastic packaging bags instead of cardboard boxes. Thank you for your understanding.

Oceania, Asia etc.

Estimated delivery date
Around 3~10 days
Currently, there are countries and regions where EMS shipments are restricted due to the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Please note that we may change the shipping method to DHL due to changes in handling countries.

In case of delivery problems such as undelivered items, please contact the local post office or our company.
You can check the tracking status here.

Mainland China

Estimated delivery date
Around 10 to 20 days
【Notes for residents of Mainland China】
・Please fill in the shipping address and the receiver’s full name in Chinese when ordering. If you filled those information in English, please contact us.
・Please contact us regarding the tracking number and the delivery. Please do not contact the carrier.
・We will send a notification of the shipment to the customer’s email after the package is shipped.
・The package will arrive approximately 2 or 3 weeks after the email is sent.
・There is no the tracking number in the email.
・It will take time to know the tracking number. There is a possibility that the package arrives before the tracking number is shown.
・If you would like to know the tracking number, please contact us with your order number 12 days after you receive the notification of the shipment.
・We will be able to change the shipping address if the package is not shipped. Please contact us as soon as possible.
※ In case of the delivery problems such as loss or damaged items, please keep the shipping label and the box. Also, please send a picture that we can confirm the condition of the item when it arrived and it was opened.