Overseas Shipping

Choose between two shipping methods!
Please see below for details.

I want my order to arrive as quickly as possible


Estimated time until delivery

Around 3~10 days


Treated with the highest priority of all shipping options


Insured up to 2.000.000JPY
You can check the status of your package online

【Important: Suspension of delivery to certain countries】

The acceptance of new packages to several countries has been suspended EMS or International ePacket due to logistical difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The only available alternative shipping method for countries where regular shipping is suspended is Yamato (UPS).

For details please see the announcement on the website.【here

In addition, as the postage system in your country changed the rules, it seems that it needs to require【TARIC code】when the package is shipping to Ireland. We strongly recommend shipping via Yamato if it is hard to get the code.

Kindly also note that we generally do not accept order cancellations.

I'm not in a hurry and want shipping to be affordable

International ePacket

Estimated time until delivery

Around 10~20 days

Reasonable shipping fee!

Cheaper than EMS
※For packages up to 2kg only


Insured up to 6.000JPY
You can check the status of your package online (applies only to selected countries)
In case your package gets lost, the maximum refundable amount is 6000JPY regardless of the value of your order!

Please note
There are size and weight restrictions for International ePacket. If your order exceeds these limits, your shipping method will automatically be changed to EMS.
See size and weight restrictions
International ePacket

For customers residing in China

Delivery to China
including custom fees

Estimated time until delivery

Within three weeks after shipment

Reasonable shipping fee!

Same price as EMS, no additional import taxes


Insured for up to 100% of the item value
Arrives within three weeks after shipment