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Wunderwelt Online Shop - Gothic & Lolita Second-hand Clothing

Wunderwelt Online Shop
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    MILK,Emily temple cute Big sale!!

    MILK,Emily temple cute Big sale!!

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Wunderwelt Online Shop - Gothic & Lolita Second-hand Clothing

Here at Wunderwelt you will find clothing both used and unused from many popular Gothic and Lolita brands. Richly adorned with lace, frills and ribbons, the gorgeous Lolita fashion is very lovely and extremely cute. Featuring such splendid decorations and a lot of attention to detail, Lolita clothing is produced in small quantities, therefore popular designs can be impossible or very hard to get. This is the reason why we created Wunderwelt online shop. Here we can offer you even coveted brands that are often featured in popular Lolita fashion magazines such as Kera and Gothic & Lolita Bible. We feature clothes as well as bags and accessories such as headdresses, so please do not hesitate to try our service. At Wunderwelt we do not only offer mail-order services, but we buy your unwanted Lolita items as well. Applying by Smartphone is simple and we offer free shipping for all items you would like to sell to us. After our experienced buyers have examined each of your items quickly but carefully, we use a system where the whole transaction is conveniently conducted fully online. Especially in case of popular brands and items in good condition, we will take them off your hands for a good price. For more details please check the appropriate section on our homepage.

Wunderwelt's Specialty

Wunderwelt’s customers are followers of many different Lolita styles, for example Kuro Lolita, Shiro Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Hime Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita and so forth. Lately we are also receiving orders from various overseas countries such as the USA, France and China. We are constantly striving to give you the best customer service by acquiring English and Chinese speaking staff who can offer mail support and help with site-building in foreign languages. Furthermore, we are not only receiving praise for our mail-order services, but our simple purchase procedure of your unwanted Lolita clothing as well. We have many customers who, after selling their no longer needed items to us, use the payment they received to buy new items from our store at affordable prices, enabling them to enjoy a variety of Lolita styles. We are also on a variety of Social Networking Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …

Lolita Styles and Popular Brands

Sweet Lolita, Princess Lolita and Classical Lolita Brands

Angelic Pretty, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, metamorphose, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Emily Temple cute and so forth.

Gothic, Gothic Lolita and Gothic Punk Brands

Moi-meme-Moitie, MILK, ALICE and the PIRATES, ATELIER BOZ et cetera. Including brands that cater to a variety of tastes such as Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Gothic and so forth.

Characteristics of brands handled by Wunderwelt

  • Here we offer a wide selection of Gothic & Lolita and Lolita brands.
  • Angelic Pretty: A very popular Lolita brand. The brand's signature colour being pink, they offer cute clothing fit for a princess.
  • BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT: A popular brand exemplary for Sweet Lolita and lately Princess Lolita as well. Their clothes can be found regularly in Gothic & Lolita fashion magazines.
  • ALICE and the PIRATES: The sister brand to BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT. The brand's theme is "Alice lost in a pirate world".
  • Juliette et Justine: A popular Gothic & Lolita brand. Many of their clothes are classical and elegant, making them cater to a more grown-up taste.
  • MILK: Often called the oldest Lolita brand in existence. A Punk Lolita brand.
  • Innocent World: A popular Lolita brand. Extremely elaborate details make their clothes fit for a young lady.
  • Moi-meme-Moitie: A popular Gothic brand with two lines: The feminine E.G.L and the medieval E.G.A.

We also handle various other Gothic & Lolita brands. For more details, please refer to our complete list of brands we buy and sell.

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