Return and Exchange Policy

Generally, we don’t accept order cancellations and item exchanges for any reason. Please confirm the item details, item condition and size/measurements before ordering.

We cannot accept order cancellations under any circumstances after orders have been shipped.

However, returns or exchanges are accepted under the following circumstances:

※If the wrong item/color/size has been received (for new items ordered via Wunderwelt Fleur) (please note this only applies in cases where the item/color/size differs from what was ordered, not if the actual Item turns out to be different from the customer’s expectations)

※If the Item has any defects is reversible (for new items ordered via Wunderwelt Fleur).

※If the Item is a fake.

Please be aware that item condition is subjective for used items, and the Item not being in the condition as expected generally cannot be grounds for a return (e.g. the Item was ranked C, but you feel it should have been marked as rank D).

Please make sure to contact us within three days from the time of delivery for a return or exchange via email or inquiry form.

※ If possible, please provide some photos of the defective parts to follow smoothly.

Please note that the item cost will be fully refunded if the product is unavailable via Wunderwelt or Wunderwelt fleur.

Generally, we only accept the item cost refunded since the used items only have one of each in stock on Wunderwelt Online shop.

*We generally do not accept returns for reasons due to customer convenience, such as but not limited to:

※ Item does not fit

※ Item differs from expectations regarding color/item condition/other specifications

※ Item that has been used or worn by customers

※ Item damaged stained by customers

※ Item has been repaired or cleaned by customers

▼Regarding size

Please note that manual measurement may have a 2-3cm error, but we do not accept returns or exchange the items for this reason.

Also, kindly note that the size of used items would be different from the brand officially due to the item damage or the stretch.

▼Regarding color

Please note that the color of the actual products may differ slightly from the photo depending on the display setting or lighting environment. We do not accept order cancellations and returns/exchanges due to this cause.

▼Regarding smell

The USED items may have been attached to the smell of detergent or the unique aroma of used clothes. Please note that we will list the cigarette smell or detergent smell, but it is difficult to tell you the specific type of smell if the product status lists other fragrances.

▼Regarding noticed stains/damage

We do our best to deliver second-hand items to our customers in the best possible condition, but as they have had one or several previous owners, they cannot be expected to be in all-new condition. We are careful to list and/or photograph all damages, but there is always a possibility that there are other defects that went unnoticed or developed during shipping.

Please note that we cannot accept exchanges/refunds of the USED items except for major stains/ damage.