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Lolita traveling guide: how to choose your destination?

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For those who can’t wear Lolita Fashion daily, winter and summer vacations are a great time to arrange meetings, go out in a nice dress and, of course, to travel in lolita!

But, how to choose your best destination?

Budget and time surely play a huge part in the decision making process, but it’s also very important to consider the specifics of the Lolita Fashion when traveling.

Knowing the struggles we might face when traveling in full petti, I’ve prepared my best tips to help you choose your next travel destination!

First things first: are you traveling alone or with friends? If you’re going as a group (or as a couple), consider brainstorming some ideas to get everyone’s suggestions for the best travel destinations.

Some things you should reflect upon before deciding where, exactly, you’re going:

  • What’s the traveling budget?
  • Hot or cold places? Do I have appropriate clothes for both situations?
  • City or countryside?
  • Can I organize the traveling itinerary by myself?
  • What transportation methods will be comfortable for me?
  • How many days will I be taking off?

Ok, now that you have those answers, let’s see some tips for deciding your best travel destination!

1. Prepare a Capsule Wardrobe!

Bringing clothes that allow you to mix and match in-between them is the best option you have when traveling! This will not only save you some space on the suitcase, but also help you hone your skills in coording.

Lolita Fashion

2. Get a checklist for your travel packing!

If you don’t have your own checklist, be sure to check out this blog post here on Wunderwelt about preparing a Checklist for Lolita traveling! Also, don’t forget to consider these items when packing.

3. Get in touch with local community

Nothing better than making new friends with common interests! So narrow down your traveling destinations and don’t forget to check if there are any local Lolita Comms out there. It might be a good opportunity to make friends and enjoy a nice afternoon meeting.

4. Choose somewhere appropriate for your style

While it might be nice to spend a nice evening on the beach, it’s very important to reflect if this destination is actually the best if you’re going out in full frills. Choose a place where you’ll be able to wear your fashion and be comfortable about it. Historical cities, for example, might be a good option if you also want to take new photos of your coords!

5. Look for travel inspiration

Make good use of alternatives such as Pinterest and Instagram when choosing your travel destination. It’s also smart to ask for recommendation of your fashion friends, since they might be able to point out places that are the best or the worst when traveling in full frills.

And that’s it for now! Always remember to check online reviews and feedback from other travelers, and don’t discard less touristic spots: they might have the perfect accommodation for your budget.

Laura Ribeiro
27-years-old Brazilian, trying to survive with a black and navy wardrobe during the summer. I work as a freelancer writer in fashion, games and education. During my free time I enjoy sewing, writing fiction, drawing and, of course, playing lots of video game.