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Kimono Hime

The new but old style of Kimono Hime is making its way back into Japanese Fashion. Have you seen photos of Kimono Hime creeping its way back into your fashion feeds, or maybe you have even begun to wear this style yourself? All I know and need to know is I need more of it!

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Let’s start with what is “Kimono Hime”? Kimono Hime is the fashion style of wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono or Yukata but with a modern/vintage twist to it. So perhaps you accessorize your outfit with fur, lace, non-geta footwear, or even gloves. The idea is to take the traditional style of Kimono and Yukata wearing and give it a new and edgy look.

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In Kimono Hime some people chose to wear modern items or bright colors with their Kimono. While others chose to accessorize with vintage or rustic textures and colors. Let’s take a look at some of the spread photos from the popular magazine “Kimono Hime”.

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 What do you all think? Love it or hate it? I think it is edgy, creative, and just perfect! With this style you can have the ultimate Kawaii look, all while being creative and unique with how you wear your Kimono or Yukata. I hope to soon put together some of my own Kimono Hime looks. I hope you all do too!

*All photos are from: www.pinterest.com/Dezapi/kimono-hime-obsession/*

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