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My Lolita Community: Tertulia Lolita

Hi! I’m Violet and I’m from Argentina. I’m very excited and a bit nervous because this is my first post for the Wonderwelt blog. It took me some time to decide what to write about but then I remembered that my lolita community celebrated their 3rd anniversary last week and I thought it’d be nice to tell you a little bit about us.

I created Tertulia Lolita in 2013 and since then I’ve been organizing events and tea parties almost monthly. Of course, I don’t work alone; there are currently other four lolita friends who help me manage the community: Emilia, Ayelén, Yvonne and Gabriela.

Here’s a picture of last year’s anniversary tea party:


Every year we hold a special meeting for everybody who’s interested in lolita fashion and wants to learn more about it. We’re always happy to see new faces and share tips. This pic is from last year’s:


We also organize something special for popular celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Halloween:



Last year we even organized “A Magical Treasure”, a lolita scavenger hunt. Three teams worked very hard to get points and win the competition. It was very exciting! We announced the winners at a pirate themed tea party.


And as every lolita comm does, we never fail to gather to celebrate International Lolita Day together. Here’s a photo of our summer ILD which was Rococo themed:


If you want to learn more about my local comm you can check out our Facebook page HERE.

Thanks for reading!