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Wearing Lolita in Spring Time

Spring can be a tricky season. It’s not hot enough for short sleeves yet, but it’s not cold enough for a jacket anymore. There’s a lot of rain, too! 
At the start of spring, a short jacket can be a good idea. Long coats are good in winter, but as the air warms up, a short jacket will do nicely. 
It’s important to wear layers. The weather can change so much from morning to afternoon to evening, so wearing a jacket over a cardigan, over a blouse, gives you maximum flexibility for when the temperature rises and drops.
On that note, you might want to carry a larger bag than usual, to carry any spare layers you took off! 
It may not be hot enough to wear short socks with bare legs, but it might also be too warm to wear full long socks and tights. Lace tights, and knee-high socks are a good option in Spring.
In this changeable weather, ankle boots are a nice option for your feet. They keep your toes nice and warm, but don’t expose the top of your foot to chilly breezes. 
Platform soles and high heels are also handy for keeping you up above the puddles, if it has been raining!
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A cute umbrella is a must in spring, the rain can come on so suddenly. One that can double as a parasol once Summer comes, is even better.
Spring time is also hayfever season. So be sure to carry tissues and anti-histamines in your bag, if you suffer from it! Or, wear a face-mask, for a creepy-cute look. There are many options for cute face masks out there these days!
​(image from cndfh.en.alibaba.com)

As well as cute disposable ones, you can often find hand-made ones on Etsy. Or, a simple lace-edged face mask could be a simple DIY project?

 Even if you don’t suffer from hayfever yourself, still consider carrying tissues to a meetup, just in case a fellow lolita has hayfever and runs out of her supplies. 

I hope you stay dry, and have fun at any spring time meetups you attend. 

Lou Graves
Vampire Ouji from Scotland