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Review: GIRLISM 少女主義 vol.12

GIRLISM is a Chinese publication that revolves around the Lolita Fashion World. Much like Gothic and Lolita Bible, Girlism has a series of interviews, street-snaps, tutorials and, of course, freebies, for everyone who loves this fashion.

Issue 12 came out this last November and featured LiYi Tong, a famous singer from the SNH48 Chinese group, on its cover. The news of her graduation from the group was celebrated with a full photoshoot of her in Lolita!


Now, regarding the rest of the magazine, I’ll list here it’s main contents:

  • 022 ~ 023 Coronation in The Woods with Midori Fukasawa, featuring a full photoshoot with the model
  • 028 ~ 029 Interview with Dian, who is publishing a book about Tokyo and Lolita Fashion
  • 030 ~ 035 2019’s latest releases, featuring both Chinese and Japanese brands
  • 036 ~ 037 Interview with Yamato Ami
  • 038 ~045 Hair and Makeup Tutorials
  • 048 ~ 049 Event Report BTSSB
  •  050 ~ 051 Event Report: Namaiki Tonight
  • 052 ~ 053 Event Report: Guanxi’s Tea Party
  •  054 ~ 055 understanding how Qi Lolita works
  •  060 ~ 065 East Europe traveling guide
  • 066 ~ 071 DIY Tutorials for making custom props for Sweet Lolitas
  • 072 ~ 075  DIY NailArt
  • 076 ~ 079 Recipes
  • 080 ~ 089 Street Snaps

Besides all these contents, GIRLISM always brings out a bunch of gifts! This issue’s freebie included an BTSSB tote bag and some posters!


And that’s it! Do you have any favourite Lolita publication out there?

Laura Ribeiro
27-years-old Brazilian, trying to survive with a black and navy wardrobe during the summer. I work as a freelancer writer in fashion, games and education. During my free time I enjoy sewing, writing fiction, drawing and, of course, playing lots of video game.