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Brand Introduction: Sheglit

Sheglit is one of the main brands carried out by Wunderwelt. Their focus is on elegant pieces that may fall under the gothic sub-style of the Lolita Fashion, but they’re definitely not limited by that!

Check out our brand introduction and learn more about Sheglit!

Brand’s history and style

Sheglit derived from Black Peace Now (BPN) around 2014 and, nowadays, carries a series of designers and staffs that used to work for the now deceased BPN.The head designer is Tsubasa Kobayashi (who also worked at BPN), and the brand’s main focus is black, solid and well made pieces with elegant cuts. Sheglit’s style may follow the duality between Mode x Gothic and Elegance x Classic, presenting a series of nice cuts that can’t be found anywhere else!

Sheglit” is a coined word that means that those who wear their brand shall always keep shinning. The brand frequently reinforces the importance of using Sheglit to express yourself, and that can be seen through the many types of cuts and styles that they cater to.

Sheglit has also taken part of a series of collabs, such as Maetel Legend (picture above), Yousei Teikoku Jband, KERA Shop and many more.

How to coord Sheglit’s pieces?

Sheglit is all about looking elegant and classy in black (or grey). So, coording their pieces is quite easy if you’re into classic or gothic Lolita. Pay attention to the different textures of each piece, and try to layer black x grey in order to create a nice looking coord! Don’t forget that Sheglit also carries some christian themed accs (such as the rosary below), so you may even use these motifs to prepare your coords.

So, if you’re into nicely made solids, high quality finishing and very elegant cuts, then Sheglit might just be the brand for you!



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