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3 trends in Lolita Fashion that might stick in 2020!

So, let’s talk about trends. It’s always hard to predict what might or might not work in the fashion, specially when we have so many different sub-styles going on! But, let’s check what’s going on with the main Japanese brands and let’s see if we can predict what’s going to be in in 2020!

Creative Bags

That’s a recurrent thing in the fashion, but this January a lot of people started receiving their Honey Cakes’ from Angelic Pretty and that cute Pancake&Waffle Mix got everyone’s attention in this rerelease. So, could we say that more oddly shaped bags will come this year? OzzCroce, for example, has just release this coffin bag, so let’s hope for more creative bags from our favourite brands!


More corsets!

Corseted skirts and dresses have also surrounded the gothic-substyle, so, for this year, let’s expect more corset pieces from our favourite brands! Atelier Pierrot has just announced this Gobelin corset along many others, so, besides the separate piece, brands such as Moi-même-Moitié and AteBoz might bring some corseted skirts back! Speaking of which, Moitie itself had just rereleased a corseted bat skirt for the last batch of releases. So let’s hope this trend sticks in 2020!


Of course you’ve read about the collab between Moitie x Baroque, right? Together, these two brands released a fabulous embroidered apron that can step-up any kind of coord! But they weren’t the only ones! Sheglit has also released a nice apron dress, which might mean that this trend is going to be big in 2020!

What are your bets for this year’s trends?

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