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4 items every tall Lolita should have!

If you’re a tall Lolita you’ve probably struggled a bit with the length of most pieces from the Japanese Brands, right? And it’s not only that: sometimes you get the length right, but the shoulders or torso seem to small to fit nicely.

So, for you, I’ve prepared a quick list of 5 tips! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

1. Underskirt

This is probably #1 in every 101 tall lolita guide, but, because it’s so obvious, we shouldn’t skip it. Wearing an underskirt is the fastest way to solve a dress’ length being too short. You can pair up an underskirt bearing the same color of your skirt or even match it with another one of your palette.

2. Tights

Sometime you won’t need an underskirt to lengthen a dress, and that’s ok. In those situations you may opt for a nice pair of printed tights to cover the legs. This is probably a better option than to simply wear OTKs with every piece of yours, so try to keep some different tights in your wardrobe (or even to combine them with your OTKs!).

3. Wristcuffs

If the dress’ length isn’t a problem for you, maybe the blouse sleeve’s is. For that, try investing in a nice pair of wristcuffs. They’ll help you create the illusion of a longer sleeve that fits nicely, so they’re a must in any tall lolita wardrobe!

4. Bloomers

If you’re into oldschool you already know this: peeking bloomers are the cutest and tall people can really rock that look! If your sub-style has room for peeking bloomers, do consider getting a pair with a nice length. You may pair them with your favorite otks to cover your legs, but don’t worry. You should focus on getting a nice pair of bloomers to match your favourite dress or skirt!

And that’s it! Hope it’s useful!

Laura Ribeiro
27-years-old Brazilian, trying to survive with a black and navy wardrobe during the summer. I work as a freelancer writer in fashion, games and education. During my free time I enjoy sewing, writing fiction, drawing and, of course, playing lots of video game.