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4 prints that are all about Christmas

So, Christmas is just around the corner and you’re desperate for a dress that matches this season? Don’t worry, for now I’ll list 4 prints that are perfect for Christmas! Check out the dresses and don’t forget to pair them up with some themed accessories!

Kumya chan’s Christmas Holly Night

Christmas Holy Night, from BTSSB, of course, should always be the first print that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas prints. This cutesy print features Baby’s mascots under a Christmas tree. It’s so literal it hurts.

A Snowy Christmas Eve Mysterious Gift Napoleon JSK

Ok, this very long name is actually from Alice and The Pirates and features a series of motifs related not only to Christmas, but also to ballet and the Nutcracker.

Christmas Ornament

Ok, up until now it seems that BABY is the only brand that cares for Christmas, right? So, they’ve also released a skirt with flocky print full of tree ornaments  shaped after the brand’s logo. It’s very cute and follow the red x white combo that’s perfect for Christmas!

Shirley Temple’s Christmas

Ok, now that we’ve finished posting BABY pieces, it’s time for Shirley Temple. This one is VERY Literal and I guess it’s hard to wear it anytime but Christmas. Nevertheless, it’s cute and it may hold a low poof petti, so, why not? If you’re able to make a cute green x white coord with it, you should try it!

And, that’s it!
Have you already chosen your favourite print for this season? Don’t forget to share it!

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