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How to choose a good Christmas gift for you fellow lolita friends?

Ok, so you feel like buying an accessory, some tights or, maybe, even a dress for you Lolita Friend. But, how do we choose something good (and actually useful) for someone else in this fashion?

Well, in order to make your life easier, I’ve listed some tips for when you face yourself with this question. Read below 3 things that you should consider when buying a gift for a Lolita friend!

The Wishlist

Ok, first thing you should  bear in mind is this person’s wishlist. Does she maintain a wishlist of any kind? If she does, then that’s your goldmine. Check her wishlist thoroughly and you may find someone that’s possible to gift her. Of course that, if she desires only very-rare pieces, it will be a bit hard for your to find them before her and in secrecy. But, if that’s not the case, consider gifting something that she already seeks – no unpleasant surprises and guaranteed satisfaction.

The Wardrobe

If the giftee doesn’t have a wishlist, you may consider evaluating her wardrobe before buying anything new. You should always looks for:

  • Colour patterns;
  • Favourite pieces;
  • Types of accessories she values;
  • Variety of materials and textures;
  • Motifs, prints and patterns.

If you’re going to give someone a gift, it’s important to buy something that will add onto their wardrobe. Use any cues found on the wardrobe or Instagram posts of this person to evaluate what would be a good addition.

Buying Legwear

If you still have no idea on what to buy, or if you’re short on money, a good tip is to buy legwear. Yeah, they’re never enough in a wardrobe, so take note on the person’s wardrobe colour pallete and prints and search for something that could match her dresses! At Wunderwelt Fleur it’s possible to find a good variety of tights and OTKs. Atelier 17, Moitie and Enchantlic Enchantilly have many options at your disposal, and their quality is GOOD!

If you’re still lost, consider asking friends or even the person herself. It’s better to get something you’re sure that she’ll like than to blindly buy things that won’t fit her wardrobe.

And, that’s it!

Good luck on your shopping sprees!



Laura Ribeiro
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