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Christmas coords ideas for your next meeting!

Dressing up for Christmas might prove to be a real pain if you don’t have the exact pieces in your wardrobe.

In order to help you on this quest, I’ve prepared 4 coord suggestions using pieces from Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur! Check it out!

Gold x Red

For this combo you’ll need a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress in red and gold accents. Try pairing a lighter blouse from Angelic Pretty and some accs from META to accentuate the red x gold in this coord.

Red x Green

The traditional colour combo for Christmas is quite easy to pull off if you into the sweet substyle. For this one we’ve prepared a set of bright red colors from the Angelic Pretty pieces. The main piece is from Alice and The Pirates, and the small sweet accs are from Q-Pot.

Of course you may experiment with this palette in… subtler ways. Using this Juliette et Justine JSK, for example, it’s possible to match the red x green for the classic substyle.

Red x White

Now, for the most obvious color combo, it’s possible to prepare a nice Christmas coord even if you’re on the Goth side of the force. Using this Moitie dress, for example, you may keep the white color predominant with accents of red. The red corset from AtePie is a nice touch to alter the silhouette of the Juliet OP.

And, that’s it!
What’s your favourite combo for this season?

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