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4 tips for a successful Secret Santa at your Christmas meeting!

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Secret Santa is a favourite in every Christmas meeting! But, to avoid trouble, it’s important to take some precautions beforehand.

Today I’ll list 4 different tips for you to make a nice Secret Santa at your next Lolita Meeting!
Let’s see it!

Set the rules and do not make it compulsory

Compulsory participation in Secret Santa will only make your fellow lolitas uncomfortable. Make sure to let everyone know about the event beforehand and let them decide if they want to join in. You may even host a pool for everyone to decide on price range, location, date etc. Don’t forget to state the rules before inviting anyone! This may avoid any unpleasant surprises at the meeting!

Consider online tools

Online tools will surely help out in the planning of your Secret Santa! Drawnames.com, Secret Santa Organiser and Sneaky Santa are all free and will make the drawing process much easier. You may even use a shared folder on Pinterest for everyone to publish their wishlist!

Share likes and dislikes

Encourage all participants to share their likes and dislikes regarding food, fashion and any other subject relevant to the Secret Santa. Making sure that all bases are covered will prevent anyone from going home disappointed.

Set up for creative gifts!

You don’t need to stick to material gifts for this Christmas. Propose different kinds of activities and gift suggestions for your comm members. Twinning-day, dress-me-up or change-the-style coupons may provide some year-long interactions among the girls of your community. You may even opt for volunteer work! Trying to come up with creative alternatives may be a good option if everyone is tight on budget.

And, that’s it!

Anxious for your next Secret Santa? Don’t forget to share you ideas!



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