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Animal ears: how to wear them in a coord?

If you’ve been in this Fashion long enough you’ve probably heard how animal ears (specially cat ears) are completely forbidden, haven’t you?

That’s probably because of the stigma of cosplay props being used together as lolita fashion, giving it the appearance of a costume, rather than street fashion.

But, isn’t it also true that major brands such as Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, have been producing animal themed ears for some time already? So, how to approach the subject? And, most importantly, what’s the right way of wearing animal ears in lolita fashion?

Making a cohesive coord

So, the word you’re probably looking for is “cohesion”. That’s the most important thing when considering animal ears for your coord. Is there a reason to put on black cat ears together with your Japanese gold fish META dress? No, right? So drop the idea of using ears and choose something more appropriate (kanzashi, maybe?).

But, are you wearing a print themed after a cat? Will the ears be a good reinforcement of the theme of your coord? Are they colour-material-quality-wise appropriate for your coord? Then the answer is yes, it’s a good idea to wear cat ears.

How to choose the best pair?

Here’s a set of criteria to search for when looking for a new pair of animal ears:

  • Material;
  • Colour Matching;
  • Style;
  • Design;
  • Quality of finishing;

Ans always ask yourself: “will people mistake me for a furry?”. If the answer is yes, I’d advise against buying that pair.

Finally, if you’re not able to buy animal ears from Lolita brands, don’t forget that Otome no Sewing and Gothic and Lolita Bible do have a series of pattern for nice handmade designs.



Laura Ribeiro
27-years-old Brazilian, trying to survive with a black and navy wardrobe during the summer. I work as a freelancer writer in fashion, games and education. During my free time I enjoy sewing, writing fiction, drawing and, of course, playing lots of video game.