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Summer vacations health guide: how to protect you and your clothes from the sun?

You already know how to survive the summer heat in Lolita, right? But, are you prepared to deal with the sun whilst protecting your skin and Lolita pieces?

Excessive sun exposition can damage your skin, hair, health and clothing. Not only that, without proper protection, it can even increase the risk of skin cancer! But, as tempting as it could be, completely avoiding the sunlight and shutting yourself home isn’t a good idea for your health either.

So, in this summer, take some of the following tips into consideration and have a safer time under the sunlight!

4 tips to safely enjoy the summer

1.Get yourself a parasol

Parasol, as the name implies, is a great alternative for your summer safety. Good quality parasols are made with materials that grant you some UV protection (Moitie’s Candelabra logo Umbrella, for example, blocks 95.6% of UV rays), and this is mandatory if you want to avoid the risk of getting a sunburn. Remember that you can always match your parasol with your coord, so consider these as good companions for your daily errands.

2.Consider a nice looking straw hat

Why specifically a “straw hat”? Straw hats, as opposed to fabric and wool hats, are much more breathable and ideal for summery days. It will help you avoid direct sunlight on your face and head while preventing you from getting a heat stroke. These are also perfect for your sweet and country coords, so consider coordinating them with your cutest dress <3

3.Use a fan!

Hand fans are your as-old-as-time summer companions. These are easy to carry in any bag, can match your coord, help sway insects away and look stylish as hell! So consider a nice variety of fans and wear them as any other accessory to compliment your coord.

4. Wear sunglasses

UV-blocking sunglasses are very important for protecting your eyes and the thin skin around it. Not only that, you can also have these matching your coord in different shapes and frames.

And that’s it! <3 Remember to pack these next time you travel out for summer and enjoy a safe sunlight exposition

Laura Ribeiro
27-years-old Brazilian, trying to survive with a black and navy wardrobe during the summer. I work as a freelancer writer in fashion, games and education. During my free time I enjoy sewing, writing fiction, drawing and, of course, playing lots of video game.