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Velvet Season – Coordinates Using Velvet Pieces

Cold weather in the northern hemisphere means one thing: it’s finally velvet season! That amazing, lush fabric that’s too heavy to be worn unless the temperatures are low can finally make a comeback out of storage. Don’t own any? Have no fear! We will introduce you to some amazing, fully shoppable velvet looks that you can purchase from Wunderwelt.


Velvet Main Piece

This is by far the most popular way to introduce this fabric to your wardrobe. As the majority of velvet dresses are non-printed, you will be able to dress these up or down. That makes for a very versatile addition to your collection. With the right design, you could even wear your velvet piece casually. Here you can see a simple, yet timeless coordinate with a velvet OP by Atelier Pierrot. Switch up the hair accessory for bonnet to up the drama and add a more Victorian look to your outfit.


velvet main piece

Depending on how you accessorize this coordinate, it could either be more classic or more gothic. Atelier Pierrot OP, Baby the Stars Shine Bright heels and headdress, and Moi meme Moitie OTKs.


Velvet Jacket

Suitable for feminine and masculine styles, a velvet jacket can truly transform even the simplest coord. It has an added benefit of keeping you warm during the winter months, so it’s as practical as it is stylish. Keep an eye out for brands like Atelier Boz and Black Peace Now, who have done some amazing tailored pieces in this plush fabric. All you need to do then is find a suitably fancy blouse and decide whether you want to wear a skirt or trousers. And don’t be tricked into thinking that velvet jackets are just for goths! As this pink look proves, anyone can rock this fabric.


velvet jacket

Sweet ouji is a substyle that needs to feature more and there’s enough whimsy in this one to rival the Mad Hatter himself. Metamorphose jacket, Citanul shorts, BPN blouse, Angelic Pretty hat, Abilletage OTKs and Queen Bee boots.


Velvet Accessories

Afraid of committing to such a high maintenance fabric? That’s not a problem. Simply start small and build on it later once you gain confidence. A velvet headbow or a choker can add a touch of opulence to your outfit or turn it more larme-kei if coordinated right. After you decide that you’re ready to commit to getting a velvet main piece, you will already have some matching accessories. Even the simplest piecce, like the ear muffs headband here, add some wonderful texture details to otherwise simple outfits.


velvet accessories

The ear muffs and fur cape add cosy vintage vibes to this simple look. Innocent World JSK and ear muffs, Abilletage tights, Baby the Stars Shine Bright heels and Milk cape.



Despite being higher maintenance than cottons or chiffon, velvet is a gorgeous material that can make any coordinate feel luxurious. Take advantage of winter while you can and coord that velvet piece you have! And of course, don’t forget to upload your pictures to Alice Holic!


* All items available at Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur as of January 15th. Availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed upon publication of this article.

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