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Shiro or Kuro Lolita? What’s the difference?

Have you ever heard about Shiro and Kuro Lolita?

Kuro (黒), meaning black, an Shiro (白), meaning white, are words used to distinguish two styles of Lolita focused on the usage of colours.

How to Wear Shiro or Kuro Lolita?

Contrary to popular belief, Shiro and Kuro are not considered sub-styles of the Lolita Fashion. These are words used to described coords made entirely of white and black pieces.

Meaning that you could have a Sweet coord in Shiro or a Goth coord in Kuro, and also the complete opposite: an all-black sweet coord and an all-white gothic coord.


White coord

OP – Angelic Pretty
Ribbons – BTSSB
Shoes – Queen Bee
Bag – Berry
Necklace – Q-Pot
Wrist-Cuff – BTSSB

You might still be wondering: what’s the difference between Kuro and Gothic? Aren’t both all-black?
Hmmm, no.
Gothic comes in a variety of colours (which may or may not include black) and refers to the styling and thematic of the pieces, not the colours, per se.

Just check below this super sweet coord in an all-black theme. Note that it’s far, very far, from being gothic.

kuro lolita

Dress – Angelic Pretty
Ribbon – Angelic Pretty
Shoes – Angelic Pretty
Socks – AaTP
Necklace – Angelic Pretty
Bag – Angelic Pretty

Of course all-white and all-black are not the only way to coord monochromatic pieces , but Shiro and Kuro are, without doubt, the most popular way of achieving this look nowadays.

Another thing about Shiro and Kuro Lolita that you must know is that it’s somewhat common to get another color (as contradictory as it may seem) as an small and discreet accent for your accessories, like gold and silver for your jewellery, for example. Painting your nails on a different colour (like red) also helps when seeking a dramatic effect on an monochromatic outfit.

So, want to give it a chance?

Choose your favourite sub-style and color and find someone to twin with you! Shiro and Kuro Lolita make a perfect pair for a photoshoot!


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