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Minute to Wing it: Handmade Accessory Edition

Losing an accessory has happened to the best of us and trust me it can be hectic, especially if it is right before an event and handmade materials can feel like an eternity to make when under time pressure. I for one hoped that the day would never come, but there I was looking in every nook and crevice of my room for the pearl cross necklace that was part of my Surface Spell Day and Night coordinate.

Surface Spell Day and Night OP

What went into the Project

Without the cross accessory I thought my dress looked incredibly plain without it. I underestimated how crucial the cross necklace was to the coord, but I am a firm believer that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Given that a local meet was soon, I had to hurry and whip up a replacement, for at this point my beloved necklace was long gone. I decided that this could make for a fun handmade accessory project where I turn nothing into something. Listed below are the pieces I used to make the final piece.

  • Golden bow
  • Craft stickers
  • Necklace chain and pendant
  • Golden decorative wire
  • Craft wire

While rummaging through old jewelry boxes of mine, I found a broken chain. I used hooked craft wire as a chain link replacement. Usually, my wigs are long enough to cover the back of my necklaces, so the black wire link would not be a problem for me.

I then too the loose pendants and hooked them by wire as well.

Now that the necklace was complete, I moved onto the golden bow accessory. I took one of the craft stickers and folded it in half to stick on the back of the bow. The sticker was now double sided, so it would be easier to pin on the dress. I also laced my golden garland through it to wrap around the OP.

Finished Piece

And voila! The project is complete! Honestly, it turned out better than I though for it being a last minute project. I hope to try this with other coordinates someday too!