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Myths of Our Own Event Report part 2

On Saturday August 25th, braving the public transport disruptions caused by the papal visit, IREGL have hosted their first international event called Myths of Our Own. Haenuli Shin, also known as Nunu, was the guest of honour as the founder and designer of the much loved Korean brand Haenuli. She also arrived with DD, a trusted member of her staff team. Unusually, the event was held in two parts, morning and evening, across two different venues in Dublin.


Josephine, one of the organisers, with Nunu, the main guest, in their evening coordinates.


The Alex, an elegant, modern hotel in the centre of Dublin, hosted part 2 of the event. The evening part started at 6pm and lasted until a whopping 9:30pm. Unfortunately (or fortunately), due to some parts taking longer than planned, the event didn’t finish until at least 10pm! If you’re curious about part 1, check out the report here.


The evening part offered the international event favourites: a vending room, a two-part fashion show, a game of rock paper scissors, a Q&A session with Nunu, another coordinate competition and another raffle.


While some people have attended both parts of the event, some arrived only for the evening. So it was even more important to make sure to catch up with everyone!


Attendees at Myths of Our Own

The conference room at The Alex was large, providing us both space and comfort. But it was still crucial to get the best seats for the fashion shows before they were gone!


The vendors included an array of well known and loved indie brands. On top of Haenuli, Myths of Our Own attendees were able to purchase items from AmaStacia, Violet Fane, Lady Sloth, Eat Me Ink Me, Low Down and Dandy, and After Midnight. You can find all of them on Facebook and majority have shops on Etsy.


Myths of Our Own main room

Welcome to the world of shopping wonders, where your wishes will come true. Make sure to arrive prepared to spend the coin, because the goods are too good to be missed!


AmaStacia vending at Myths of Our Own

AmaStacia were remote-vending and these were the lovely volunteers at their stall.


The first part of the fashion show focused on all those indie brands. There were so many beautiful creations showcased! If you want to see the full Myths of Our Own indie fashion show, check out the video on Fluffy Tori’s YouTube channel.


Lady Sloth’s My Spooky Macarons JSK and beret in lavender is the perfect Halloween combination. You can even get casualwear with this print (not showcased in the fashion show).


Myths of Our Own indie fashion show

Violet Fane’s Tragicomico JSK would be wonderful for both spooky and circus themed coordinates. This has sold out for now, so contact the brand directly if you want it to be brought back!


This striped OP by AmaStacia is elegant enough for both a casual stroll in the park, as well as a graceful Victorian-style tea party. We can’t see it in our shop yet, so keep an eye out as it’s likely to be a future release!


An as-of-yet unnamed JSK from After Midnight, who debuted their clothing at Myths fashion show. We can reveal that it will come in four colourways, all of which were presented in Dublin, and all the models raved about how comfortable the dresses were!


The second part of the fashion show was exclusively Haenuli. Some of the designs showcased have already been released, while some were shown for the first time at the event. Myths of Our Own Haenuli fashion show is also available to watch in full on Fluffy Tori’s channel.


Myths of Our Own Haenuli fashion show

A Full Moon Night JSK with the I Do Declare collaboration blouse. The amazing collar is property of the model, so unfortunately you won’t be able to order that from Haenuli.


Beauty and the Beast OP in yellow gave us all the Belle vibes we needed! If you’re going to be a Rococo princess, why go all the way and be a Rococo Disney princess?


Mermaid OP in green with the matching headpiece. This dress is reserved for the queens of the ocean and the Little Mermaid can only wish she looked this good!


Lovely Memories JSK. When styled in such a wonderfully oldschool lolita way it does bring back all the loveliest memories, doesn’t it?


The Q&A with Nunu took place in between the shows in order to keep the attendees occupied. She answered a wide variety of questions, from those about her style to those about her business. She advised any aspiring business owners to look for government support grants for new startups or even specifically for women, as many are keen to promote entrepreneurs. We listened with interest to how a Haenuli print comes to life – does it start with the print or a dress cut? – and how long it takes to make. But not all questions were this serious! For example, did you know that Nunu’s favourite fairy tale is The Little Mermaid and that she prefers sad stories? You can watch the full Q&A on Fluffy Tori’s channel.


Nunu had a lot to share with us, but whatever we couldn’t ask during the Q&A we could always ask individually because she was so approachable as a guest.


Myths of Our Own videographers

In this day and age everyone want to capture as much of the event as possible. Thanks to people like this those who missed out on attending can still find out what it was like.


The second coordinate competition was judged by the event organisers and they were looking for outfits that fit the theme: Myths of Our Own. While some references were familiar, like the Greek god Hades or the Grimm Brothers’ tales, many were truly local to the wearers. Those influences traveled the world from England through Germany all the way to Mexico. Everyone put so much thought into their outfits and they were all beautiful!


Myths of Our Own coordinate competition

Isn’t this the most wonderful lineup? And that was only the people who volunteered to take part in the coordinate competition, so imagine how amazing were all the other outfits at Myths of Our Own!


Myths of Our Own winners

The three lucky coordinate competition winners. You all looked fabulous, congratulations!


After the raffle and before dispersing home, there was still time for some thank-yous. The organisers have put in a lot of work to ensure that Myths of Our Own was a truly splendid event. Truthfully, it was a wonderful event and we are thankful for the invitation. Well done to everyone involved!


Social media accounts were exchange, so that we could stay in touch with the wonderful friends we all made in Dublin. As well as share the photos we took of each other, of course!


Thank you, IREGL, for the wonderful memories and hopefully see you again soon!


This is also not the first IREGL event reported here on Wunderwelt Libre. Click here to read about the Banquet of Clontarf from October 2017, which Wunderwelt had the pleasure of attending. You can also find more vlog reports on YouTube, including one from one of our writers, Lou Graves, as well as one from Fluffy Tori, who goes as far as the afterparty!


* All photos are by Jay (@moon_harpy) unless stated otherwise.

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