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The Lolita Guidebook of Los Angeles – Milk+T Review

Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood is full of boutiques, restaurants, and shops that are sure to delight both LA locals and visiting tourists alike. If you’re southern California, it’s definitely worth it to spend an afternoon walking around the area. One place you can’t miss is Milk+T, a delicious boba tea establishment with a clean and simple interior space.


Milk+T is located at 310 E 2nd St near Downtown Los Angeles. The website describes them as “Los Angeles’ first self serve boba bar.” Originally a food truck, the two women who founded Milk+T found a permanent location for their business in January 2017.


The interior of Milk+T is decorated simply with pictures of Los Angeles on the wall, digitally altered to include some cute looking monsters . On one side of the counter, there is a neon sign hanging on the wall emblazoned with the words “#bobawasted”. On the other, there’s a fanciful mural of a boba drink, helpfully labeled with its parts. There is seating at both small tables and a long bar along the big windows at the front of store front. Natural light filters through the large front windows, lighting up the white walls all throughout the space.


Even if you’re familiar with boba (or bubble) tea, Milk+T has a few small surprises in store. The menu is fairly straightforward, with all of the teas and drinks you’ve come to know and love from boba joints. In a fun twist, once you order, you’re handed your cup (with a label attached to the neck) and add your own toppings to it before handing it over to the tea masters behind the counter. Toppings include boba pearls, chia and basil seeds, fresh fruit, as well as jello in a variety of colors. They also offer several levels of sweetness, so  your drink can be totally tailored to your tastes. Most drinks are $5, putting them a little on the pricey side, but this might be the best boba tea I’ve ever had. They’re really that good. (My personal favorite is the “Little Tokyo” at 25% sweetness with boba and basil seeds.)



Milk+T serves its drinks in disposable plastic cups or branded skinny jars that can be reused. If you bring an old jar with you, you’ll save money on your drink. Jars also come with lids, making them great for storing food or drinks at home.


If you’re in the mood for something truly extravagant, Milk+T also has some dessert drinks. You can simply add ice cream to any drink, or you can go for one of their premium menu, with drinks that come with whip cream and cookies on top.


Whether you’re looking for a simple milk tea or a decadent treat after a meal, Milk+T delivers delicious drinks in a cute store front right in the middle of Little Tokyo.  


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