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Packing for a Lolita Trip

Is it getting warmer where you are? Summer holidays are just around the corner, which means trips galore. Packing is a skill that takes practice, so if you plan on wearing Lolita during your trip – or wearing only Lolita – definitely make sure to read on. After all, even experienced packers may struggle with stuffing the metres of ruffle and lace involved in Lolita fashion.


Plan Your Packing and Your Trip

You’ll have to look at things like weather forecast anyway, so prepare for all possibilities. When packing, weigh what you want to pack against what would be the most practical coord to pack. You may want to bring something fancy, but if you’re going to the woods, coordinate around those practical shoes you have to take anyway. Think about the colour scheme too. The fewer colours you bring, the lighter your suitcase without necessarily compromising on outfit possibilities. Also, consider taking any pieces, like blouses or cardigans, that can double up for Lolita and regular wear. While you don’t have to plan exact coords when packing, at least have an idea of what goes together.

Packing for a 3-day trip

Three outfits from my Easter trip to Wales. I covered multiple weather options during packing, but only took a small carry-on sized suitcase. Notice the various pieces that are reused and the limited colour scheme.


Take Low Maintenance Fabrics

Especially if you won’t be staying in a hotel, the less maintenance your clothes need the better. Packing things that are machine washable and don’t wrinkle easily will save you time and stress during the trip. Fabrics like chiffon are great: they stay wrinkle free, are easy to wash and easy to layer. Same goes for all the other coord pieces. Blouses that won’t need ironing or hair accessories like berets will make packing easier and save on maintenance at your destination. Leave high-maintenance and precious pieces for fancier, shorter activities – or the big event trips, of course. After all, you’re away to relax – don’t spoil it by worrying over staining, ripping or wrinkling your clothes.

Wicked and Whimsy coords, August 2016.

Not a single piece of clothing needed ironing. This made packing for Wicked and Whimsy easier, as I could roll the dresses tightly and saved time getting ready on the day.


Skip Packing Unnecessary Things for Aesthetic

Lolitas love their aesthetic to be on point and often sacrifice practicality for that. However, now that you’re packing for a trip you’ll have to compromise. Not everything you bring has to be Lolita, so if it’s not practical – ditch it! A foldable umbrella is easier to take than your BtSSB parasol. Usakumya makes for a great accessory, but you’ll get more use out of a big bag. As wonderful as Triple Fortune bonnets are, they’re also awkward to pack. And unless you’re wearing wigs and loads of makeup daily, bring only a couple of essentials for a natural look. Only consider packing something if you fully intend on using it. Unless you’re driving in your own car with room for everything, avoid packing the ‘just in case’ fancy bits.

Some things are unnecessary when packing.

Scepters can be a great prop, especially for Hime Lolita, but they’re unpractical to carry and you’d only need it for a few photos. Save yourself some suitcase space by leaving it at home. Photo from Lolibrary.org


Start With Shoes

This is particularly important if your luggage allowance is very limited, although it’s not the most natural way to build a coord. Figure out what shoes you’re packing and then add all the rest. You should be able to bring at least two pairs, one on your bag and one on your feet. Between them try to cover all possible weather and comfort options – achy feet with more walking to do spoil even the most fun trips. As shoes tend to be the bulkiest item to pack, this will leave plenty of room for everything else. Plus, you can put things inside your shoes when packing, like socks or small accessories, which is another bonus.

Flat shoes when you travel

You can still have exciting coords with flats on. Your feet will thank you for packing them when they’re spared the discomfort!


Save on Packing by Wearing

When you’re able to, consider travelling in Lolita to save on packing space. While things like petticoats aren’t impossible to pack, it’s easier to wear them and save space this way. This is also another way to transport any more precious pieces safely, as long as you don’t mind the stares. Think about the practical and comfort aspects of you transport mode, then adjust your outfit accordingly. For example, most travel involves sitting down for a long of time, so the less comfortable shoes should be ok. Also, if you look pretty you might find the public to be a little more inclined to help you. So if you overpacked, smile apologetically at a stranger and ask if they wouldn’t mind helping you put your bag on the overhead rack.

Packing vs wearing

I wore the skirt and the petticoat to save the space in my backpack.


Extra Packing Tips

Plenty of YouTubers have done videos to share their own tips and show how they pack for Lolita events. Check out these videos for some extra advice!

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