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Summer Tea Party Guide

With the temperature rising in the northern hemisphere, its the perfect time to host summer time tea parties and try out some summer time recipes. These will be sure to delight at a backyard meet-up or satisfy your urge for a tasty afternoon snack. Read on for your summer tea party guide. There’s no reason why your food can’t look as cute as you do.





Looking for something traditional? There is nothing more elegant than finger sandwiches. It’s hard to beat traditional cucumber, watercress, and egg sandwiches, but if you’re looking for something a little different, try these simple but delicious twists:

Hummus and sundried tomato (easy and delicious for vegan guests)

Brie and apple

Prosciutto and pear

Ricotta, basil, and fresh tomato

Apple and brie, hummus and tomato


Summer is also a great time to serve seasonal fruits. Berries, peaches, apricots, and plums are all delicious summer fruits that can be served by themselves or mixed together for a fruit salad.


Check your local markets to see what’s in season.



Using an oven can heat up your whole house, so consider alternatives before you preheat. For dessert, try swapping pastries for parfaits with sweetened greek yogurt and fresh fruit, or fresh fruit drizzled with chocolate.


For those truly hot days, ice cream or sorbet can be a sweet treat that will help beat the heat. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try making  your own popsicles with fruit and juice, although your guests may have to eat carefully to avoid drips on their clothes.





In the heat of the summer, try trading in traditional teas for something a little cooler. Sun brewed tea can be a tasty alternative to a pot of hot tea. Plus it gives you a chance to bring out your clear glass teapots. To prepare, place a clear glass contain with water and tea bags in the sun for 3-5 hours. Chill and serve. The flavor won’t be as strong as boiled tea, but it brings out different notes in the tea.


Iced tea is hard to dissolve sugar into, so whip up a batch of simple syrup for guests who want something a little sweet. If you’re feeling adventurous, trying infusing your simple syrup with other flavors.



Feeling a little more adventurous? Try making sangria as a summer treat. To make, simply mix fresh fruit and sugar over heat and top with your favorite drink.  While sangria is traditionally an alcoholic drink, you can swap the alcohol for Perrier or La Croix for a less intoxicating choice.



If you have access to lemons, delicious lemonade is very easy to make. You can put a twist on a classic by infusing your lemonade with herbs. Try mint, lavender, or rosemary to get started.


If weather and nature permit, an outdoor venue for high tea will be perfect for a summer tea party. Your guests are sure to be impressed with the summer treats you prepare and enjoy the ambiance while it lasts.

By day, Jenna is a legal professional living in Los Angeles, California. By night (and weekends), she is a frill wearing monster who loves Innocent World and Metamorphose. When she isn’t taking mirror selfies of her coordinates, she enjoys reading comic books, playing board games, and snuggling with her pup, Lily. You can see her mirror selfies on her instagram @lovelylaceandlies and contact her at lovelylaceandlies@gmail.com.