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Organizing Your Wardrobe

Now that it’s a new year, I have decided to organize my wardrobe a bit. I’m still undergoing this process, but wanted to share some tips and advice. At the end of this post, you can see my 2017 wardrobe as a comparison.

I have been interested in the Kon Mari method lately and you can see a big difference between my two wardrobe videos, mainly the amount of items that I own. In a nutshell, the Kon Mari method is a simple way to get organized, which was created by Marie Kondo. It is all about keeping items which bring you joy and letting go of the rest. Sometimes this can lead to some tricky decisions–many of the items in my wardrobe made me happy, but some no longer really brought me the same amount of joy. My cream cookie collection jsk is a prime example–the chiffon unfortunately got caught in a suitcase and got a bit of a tear, and I found that the brown colorway began to grow on me.

My style has also been branching out as of late and I’ve been more open to trying other substyles. I’m in the middle of a wardrobe turnover and was unsure of how to organize my items at first. But, in order to help others, I wanted to make a simple guide! With the help of Marie Kondo’s method, as well as some of my own tips, these are a few things to ask yourself:


*Look at every piece of your wardrobe (I know, to some, this may be a bit daunting), and ask yourself: does this item make me happy?

*Do you wear this piece, or do you usually keep it on your wardrobe?

*How often do you wear lolita? Sometimes catering your wardrobe size to the amount you wear the fashion can help, especially if you find yourself wearing it a bit less.

*How do you store your items? Are the items easily accessible?

On the subject of storage tips, here are a few:

Storage Tips: 

*Make sure that your items are in reach if you need them. I like to keep my lolita items separate from my non-alternative pieces

*If you have the space, try getting a clothing rack. This is a great way to store your dresses, as well as admire your pieces!

*Try organizing your pieces in different orders and see which ones you like best. I’ve seen people sort pieces by brand, by color, or even by style,

*In terms of accessories such as jewelry, picking up an items such as  hanging organizer can help you both see and easily reach your accessories

*Sock organizers are excellent for storing otks–many have individual compartments for each pair

*Many craft stores have adorable storage bins that you can use to store miscellaneous items like berets and hairbands.


Here is my 2017 wardrobe as a comparison to my first:

Have any additional tips? Feel free to share!
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