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Special Occasion Lolita Fashion

Ready for a special occasion

Many people have already asked whether it’s appropriate to wear Lolita e.g. to a wedding. While it’s outlandish to the outsiders, we know it can be toned down and want to look our best. So if you’re very determined or want to become a daily Lolita, here are tips on putting together special occasion Lolita coords.


General tips

When putting together an outfit for non-Lolita formal occasions, it’s polite to ask the host for approval. The event is about them, so they should be able to veto your outfit if it would steal their thunder.

You should generally aim to not be an attention seeker through your clothes. This includes, but is not limited to things such as:

  • Keeping poof to a minimum – if possible, pick A-line dresses;
  • Choosing patterns or textures over prints;
  • Using simpler, smaller accessories;
  • Opting for colours that are common outside of Lolita fashion;
  • And sticking to simpler dress designs, i.e. fewer bows, ruffles, taking off most detachable parts etc.

Lastly, if you’re buying new pieces just for that event, consider how much would you use them afterwards. It’s nice to treat yourself to something new, but not if it’d be a burden to sell or coordinate later.

With this in mind, let’s put together some outfits!


Special Occasion: Wedding

A wedding allows you to dress elegantly, as long as you stay away from white and ivory main pieces. Classic Lolita seems most appropriate as it focuses on patterns such as flowers and designs are usually simple. An OP looks closer to regular fashion, but if you pick a JSK wear a bolero instead of a blouse. Good source of inspiration is 1950’s fashion, which blends well with Lolita and still looks elegant and feminine. Brands like Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene or Millefleurs offer simple yet elegant designs, to name a few. You could also wear this outfit for a christening or First Holy Communion kind of special occasion.

A wedding is a very special occasion where you'd want to wear something elegant.

A Millefleurs OP with an Innocent World bolero, Emily Temple Cute heels and Jesus Diamante pearl necklace and flower hair tie. Wear with sheer, nude tights or delicate lacy ones.


Special Occasion: Funeral

A funeral is a time for reflection and respect, not showing off, physically and metaphorically. Gothic or Kuro Lolita offer many simple designs and the modesty of Lolita fashion is perfectly appropriate for the occasion. Look to Victorian fashion for inspiration, especially high collar blouses to go with simple JSKs. Definitely avoid prints, but you can consider lightly textured fabrics or simple embroidery in a non-contrasting colour. However, avoid cross motifs and veils as they aren’t appropriate and may even upset more religious or conservative attendees. Many Innocent World, Victorian Maiden and even non-printed Moi-Meme-Moitie pieces will work well for a funeral. Little Black Dress is a timeless classic, so you could dress this outfit up for more than one special occasion.

Appropriate for a funeral and many other special occasion events.

An Innocent World JSK, blouse, headband and shoes with an Alice and the Pirates coat in case it’s cold. Wear with plain black tights.


Special Occasion: Older family member’s birthday/Less formal family gathering

You could get away with something a little more bright for a more laid back occasion. But since there may be more conservative family members present, I’d refrain from OTT Sweet Lolita border prints. A good preppy look that should keep most conservative families happy is a skirt and cardigan combo. Alternatively, look into otome-kei brands like Leur Getter or Jane Marple for simple yet quirky designs. Whatever you pick, try to choose only one less-like-normal-wear item and keep everything else subtle. If you want to wear Sweet Lolita, here are some additional tips on toning down your coord. You could also wear this at more casual school or office functions, depending on their dress code.


Final words

Not everyone has the luxury to wear Lolita wherever they go or have their loved ones accept the fashion. But the world is full of beautiful clothes, so don’t despair if you can’t wear Lolita to that one event. An argument with your family over clothes isn’t worth it and you’ll find a more appropriate time for your coord. One day you will find a non-Lolita special occasion to wear your frills to and then you can impress everyone.


* All items were available from WunderWelt at the time of writing, but their availability may change.

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