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NYC Spot: Rose and Basil


Logo via Roseandbasil.com

Rose and Basil is a lovely bakery owned by Ioana  Holt that is located in Manhattan on 104 East 7th St. It’s an eye-catching, cheerful, and peaceful location in the middle of the normally muted and fast-paced city. Although the location is little and suitable for a small gathering, it’s worth taking small groups for a few trips to have some floral desserts while enjoying the elegant, fairy-tale like decor.  The food is made with organic ingredients and many of the cakes are decorated with real flowers. As a bonus, many of the cakes are gluten or lactose free! The location also offers wine and beer and more recently, they added ciders to the menu for the fall season.

Image credit: Rose&Basil.com

Though when I went to the location, a fellow customer recommended their breakfast jars. They are made with oatmeal pudding as a base and seems to be similar to overnight oatmeal, which has been growing in popularity. Depending on the jar you pick, there are ingredients such  as almond butter, fresh fruit, and flax seeds.


During my trip to New York City to Rose and Basil, I tried their signature rose and basil cake! Although the cake was small, it filled me up and satisfied me for sure. There was just the right amount of frosting and the rose and basil flavors were nice and even, without being overbearing.  I definitely want to try more of the food that they offer during my next visit.


These are just a few images featuring the aesthetic of Rose and Basil’s decor and sweets. Images from Rose and Basil’s Instagram. 

If you are curious about learning more on Rose and Basil and the sweets that are available, take a look at their instagram.