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Wunderwelt Online Shop - Gothic & Lolita Second-hand Clothing

Wunderwelt Online Shop
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We are looking for brands from overseas who would like to make their creations
easily available to our domestic customers.
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Opened in July 2016, Wunderwelt Fleur is an online boutique for Gothic & Lolita Fashion and cute fashion in general.
We are always looking for all kinds of brands with a strong presence, ranging from sweet, classical, elegant or cute to gothic, to add to our line-up.

In recent years, Lolita Fashion has spread over the whole world. We hope to not only give our international customers a convenient method to purchase Japanese brand items, but also to introduce our domestic customers to overseas brands.

Contact us if you would like to see your brand listed at Wunderwelt Fleur!
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Innocent World
Enchantlic Enchantilly
Écailles De Lune
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Accessories, Bags, Legwear, Shoes, Illustration, Dolls, Stationery etc.

If your brand has any other items you would like us to carry
at Wunderwelt Fleur, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail.
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Please note: We require non-returnable samples of your work.
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Looking for brands and handmade artists

Wunderwelt Fleur is a boutique for Gothic & Lolita and Girly Fashion.
We are actively expanding overseas as well as within Japan,
so we are looking for brand owners and handmade artists
who would like to make their work known all over the world.

Currently we are looking for the following:

☆ Items with a strong presence that have their own special charm and don't resemble items from other brands

☆ Items of good construction and craftsmanship

☆ Items that can be produced in larger quantities (since they are to be sold in our online shop)
(Items that cannot be produced in larger quantities or one-of-a-kind items are acceptable as long as they can be supplied regularly)

☆ Creators who can send samples so we can see the quality of your work (samples are non-returnable)

☆ Responsible creators who can communicate in a timely manner via email or phone
(Communication via LINE or Twitter DM only is not acceptable)

We are not looking for the following:

☆ Items that are imitations of other brand items

☆ Extremely delicate items that would likely break during shipping

☆ Items that don't fit Wunderwelt's image

☆ Items that are too inexpensive to justify the labor cost of putting them on our website and shipping them out

Apply now!

1. Please contact us via email.

If you contact us via email,
please include a link to your
homepage, blog or SNS
where we can see photos of your work.

2. We will let you know the conditions
for consignment sale via email or in person.

The Wunderwelt office is located in Shinjuku,
so if you are living in or near Tokyo
we can meet and talk in person as well.

3. Once we have reached an agreement,
a contract will be signed by both parties.

We have a standard contract form prepared for individual handmade artists who don't have their own.
(We can use your own contract form as well if you have one.)

4. Sale of your items will start once they arrive at our office.

We can use your own item photos
or take photos of your items at our studio.

What is "Consignment Sale"?

Details vary from brand to brand,
but in general we operate based on the following two patterns.

Consignment Sale (Pattern 1: General Consignment Sale)

1. The brand or handmade artist sends their goods to Wunderwelt.

2. Once the goods arrived, we will take product photos
and put the items up for sale on our website.
(We can also use your own product photos)

3. Once items have sold, we will receive a percentage of the sales volume as commission
and transfer the rest to the brand or handmade artist.

Consignment Sale (Pattern 2: Order-based Sale)

※Stock is shared between the brand and Wunderwelt.

1. Using product photos and information provided by the brand or handmade artist,
we will put items up for sale on our website.

2. Our customers order the product.

3. We order the sold items from the brand or handmade artist and have them shipped to our office.
Shipping to the customers is handled by Wunderwelt.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before applying.
We are looking forward to meeting many wonderful brands and handmade artists!

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