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Wunderwelt Online Shop - Gothic & Lolita Second-hand Clothing

Wunderwelt Online Shop
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Membership Ranks
Thank you for always using Wunderwelt online shop!
We are happy to announce our new membership ranking system.
Based on your total order amount within half a year,
you will receive one of four ranks
which entitles you to special privileges!
How will my rank be determined?
Twice a year (every six months), all members will be evaluated based on their total order amount (excluding shipping cost).
Only registered members are eligible for the member rank scheme.
    Membership ranks based on order amount within six months
  • Rank bronze 26ee77fda01d807bc2491a8339d839ed2887cdc6be14182020b3cccef38d608d Bronze Regular members (Members with an order amount of under 30.000JPY/within six months)
  • Rank silver 7ab87e3231f208c108d6f99bcc1d13e5ca1308205d8f5972b8e020738246b8df Silver Members with an order amount of over 30.000JPY (within six months)
  • Rank gold 3a4633dbe1bf6b49a83e456c7df3fd6c60beeb85aaa577e82f0e154b159c6d61 Gold Members with an order amount of over 100.000JPY (within six months)
  • Rank platinum 0ba361431044e7c18246c9f6f38c9e8e6ba5e056c58e96581abcd4d3b63f73f1 Platinum Members with an order amount of over 300.000JPY (within six months)
Tally Period
Twice a year, your membership status will be evaluated based on your total order amount within six months:
① from January 1st to June 30th
② from July 1st to December 31st
Your new rank will be effective from:
① July 15th
② January 15th
※In case the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your new rank will go into effect on the following Monday.
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Membership rank privileges
The percentage of Wunderwelt Points you will receive for your future orders rises according to your rank.
Please note: Your new rank will be effective from ① July 15th to January 14th and ② from January 15th to July 14th.
Other than increased Wunderwelt Point percentages, you will be the first to hear exciting news, enjoy special campaigns, and leading members within their rank (based on total order amount) will also receive extra coupons.
  • Rank bronze 26ee77fda01d807bc2491a8339d839ed2887cdc6be14182020b3cccef38d608d Bronze Will receive 1% of their order amount in Wunderwelt Points
  • Rank silver 7ab87e3231f208c108d6f99bcc1d13e5ca1308205d8f5972b8e020738246b8df Silver Will receive 2% of their order amount in Wunderwelt Points
  • Rank gold 3a4633dbe1bf6b49a83e456c7df3fd6c60beeb85aaa577e82f0e154b159c6d61 Gold Will receive 3% of their order amount in Wunderwelt Points
  • Rank platinum 0ba361431044e7c18246c9f6f38c9e8e6ba5e056c58e96581abcd4d3b63f73f1 Platinum Will receive 5% of their order amount in Wunderwelt Points
Your membership rank will be displayed on your MyPage.
If you think your rank is incorrect or have any questions, please contact us via email.
Email address: info@wunderwelt.jp
    Please note
  • Orders are tallied according to the day they were placed.
  • If circumstances lead to an order being cancelled, it may affect your membership rank.
  • If you have unpaid orders at the time of evaluation, it may take some time for your new rank to go into effect.

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