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Devout Muslim women dress very modestly. They cover their whole body except for their faces and hands,
and on their head they wear a piece of cloth called a hijab to avoid drawing attention to their hair.
Lately, Muslim women who enjoy fashion while still observing the requirements of their religion are on the increase.
Major fashion brands are now selling hijabs, and a new fashion trend incorporating Lolita Fashion is making waves.
At Wunderwelt we had the chance to direct a Lolita photoshoot featuring hijab fashion.
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Ww hijab gothic f55cec1a88ba389e61fb9dbd32328c7c25f9b4efd7643c1326c758f7454c85ab
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Ww hijab gothic b 33cd4eaf56321321ced56f074ad571c4bd15ae4ddfd7a5fcd552edd685f7ed67
Photo 01 74023a27a45587fd4c955f5673b77ee8e9259505d005bb4708b743f1af35d22f
Photo 02 ac2b4ae4b3fef5db5d19f09ef7fe4dae6612e47894ad34ec73e0c8b8e1012426
Photo 03 f812024166d598da89665a3dfdd9d9c4a38bb25e28d9c93d19093231e482f0af
Ww hijab point 8cd72433238b31e2bf774159a6c751e0682308a91caf43d4f33d26fde654dd67
Ww hijab point sp c708c0b4d6af590b24a95fb415a089c592bd53664eedbb5edd8775c9f8719a4b
Using a corset gives the coordinate a high waisted look. It is important to make sure the hijab does not interfere with the overall balance, and keeping it away from the front and instead gathering the fabric in the back ensures an overall compact result. Try gathering the fabric not at the center but slightly to the side on purpose, which will instantly make the arrangement look more stylish.
Ww hijab point gothic df37e552f58dbb5cb1a18b92d47c92344b160867e91fd4bfd50dfa7d5f826453
Ww hijab point gothic sp 33ecfdcee30cbe6a096dcda0a93f5fe78647e086202e2c57b6107c0dc4a46f4f
Here we used a round headdress for extra volume. Pinning it to the side of the head helps with balancing the hijab.
In order to avoid drawing attention to the chest, the blouse’s jabot was arranged so that the frills would cover it.
Ww hijab sweet 46b4e2e111292e4420cbd5d587da702201de19a4c8897e05a5c8692b731e1c8e
Ww hijab sweet a d064b23e9f48b62d8324768dcdfd5c876b029dd70b3cc8fcbd250acabe9ac84e
Photo 11 5cfc669cf200d48cce96cf026c09e5453fdf468f979131c16fa3aeebaafa54a6
Ww hijab gothic b 33cd4eaf56321321ced56f074ad571c4bd15ae4ddfd7a5fcd552edd685f7ed67
Photo 11 5cfc669cf200d48cce96cf026c09e5453fdf468f979131c16fa3aeebaafa54a6
Photo 12 a770d38bc50de27ceab232f6bb7453545dfca04191588ef0a294f54170eec96f
Photo 13 99e9cb73a13db145d844b10011e1f74a327228e9cb0c2623d998407749051031
Ww hijab point 8cd72433238b31e2bf774159a6c751e0682308a91caf43d4f33d26fde654dd67
Ww hijab point sp c708c0b4d6af590b24a95fb415a089c592bd53664eedbb5edd8775c9f8719a4b
Compared to the Gothic coordinate, here the skirt has a lot more volume. Because of the cute print and dress design, the hijab would feel out of place if worn in the usual manner. It is important to accessorize the hijab as well to make sure it doesn’t disappear against the dress. To match the lively silhouette, we went with an equally lively hijab arrangement and added a headdress and ribbon combs. I helped a lot with making the hijab fit in with the rest of the coordinate.
Ww hijab point sweet 36656a6437db5e090fdeddf201569ea8b6e9b23290a4da89296f6b6ccf7f8fd6
Ww hijab point sweet sp 95ca7d8a77ee0afc3575d69a75a4da3f5adb120ba19910dce531ae253bc826d3
It’s easy to change the look of a hijab, so we tried using it like actual long hair and added a headdress and ribbon combs. The ribbon combs can easily be pinned to the hijab wherever you prefer.
The JSK is only knee-length, so a long underskirt was added. Wearing pants underneath the dresses is also an option, but underskirts seem less out of place in Lolita Fashion.
Ww hijab interview 2accaee72707b2fe6d38616075f093634bf465fe10f049388d1202678b6802ee
Ww hijab interview 01 683d933e926cf0d5d06ee71dc3c72773111da987ffec8cdcdf7feba8905193fd
<What are your thoughts on today’s coordinates?>
Gothic style→
The Gothic coordinate used a limited color palette so it was easy to incorporate the hijab. Even though the hijab arrangement is fairly simple it still looks very elegant so I can recommend it even to beginners.
Sweet style→
Muslim fashion is mostly elegant or cool, so it was difficult for me to come up with a hijab arrangement that would match the cuteness of the dress.
I feel like the result was quite different from my usual self, which was fun.
<Do you have any advice for Muslim girls who want to wear Lolita?>
To avoid showing your legs you could wear a long petticoat like we did in today’s photoshoot. If you are concerned about your chest, adding a jabot or ribbon tie to your blouse will help cover it. Small adjustments like this help a lot with making Lolita and hijab fashion compatible.

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