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In commemoration of Moi-même-Moitié joining our line-up at Wunderwelt Fleur, Mana-sama has graciously agreed to answer questions from fans all over the world.

Creating his own world through music and fashion, Mana-sama is a leader in Gothic & Lolita Fashion with fans all over the world.

Mana-sama continues to be a driving force behind his fashion brand even today. Catch a glimpse of his everyday life as well as his thoughts on fashion in our exclusive interview.


What do you think is important for Lolita? (Stefanie/Holland)

If you like this kind of world, you must carry on without a care even if you'll be met with unkind eyes.

I am wondering if all the designs at Moi-même-moitié are approved by Mana-sama, or at what level does Mana-sama decide whether items will or will not be released? (Dahlia/Canada)

It's not widely known, but actually I make sure to check the toiles for all garments, and I'm also involved in many of the print designs! (editor's note: A toile is an initial mockup of a new garment to test the pattern and see where it needs improvements.)

Since we know Mana-sama is quite good at drawing and that he designed some of the first Moi-même-moitié items: will you consider drawing a new intricate print for Moi-même-moitié? (Aurora)

Actually I'm still involved with print design even now. For example the Alchemy print and the recent Ornament Table print are my designs.

I really like black gothic bags. There should be more available at Wunderwelt. In case of bags for new collections, would it be possibile to have them blue inside. When a bag is black inside, you can never find anything. (Silvia/Italy)

Bags with blue lining are very useful for finding one's possessions for people who own lots of black things, aren't they. We had bags with blue lining in the past as well.

Have you tried the PlayStation VR yet? (麻未/Japan)

I haven't yet! I'm planning to challenge it soon!

Mana-sama, what is your favorite chocolate? (Hazelnut, dark, white ...) (Janca/Czech)

I like orange slices covered in chocolate.

I've known about you for ten years but I have never been to one of your concerts. What kind of attire do people wear there? (Riko/Japan)

People come to our concerts in all kinds of outfits so it's fine not to worry about it too much. However, I recommend wearing Moi-même-Moitié because it's just more exciting.

What is an essential item when going out or for work? Do you have a perfume you really love? (羽純/Japan)

I carry lip balm with me all year, but I keep losing it all the time. For perfume I like fruity smells.

I have been a fan since MALICE MIZER. However, I have never seen MALICE MIZER live and Moi Dix Mois only a handful of times. I have also never participated in handshakes or similar events. But ever since high school, I have been growing up always watching Mana-sama. Is it alright for someone like me to call themselves your fan? (A middle-aged woman living in Hokkaido/Japan)

Please call yourself my fan with pride!

How did you become interested in fashion design, more particularly in lolita fashion design? Was being a designer something you always had in mind or was it an idea that emerged over time? (Moi Dix Mois Street Team/Argentina)

I discovered punk fashion when I was in high school, then I encountered gothic fashion, and here we are now. I just love a world of mysterious darkness.

I'm thinking of going to Hiroshima soon, so please tell me what to visit when I'm there! (San/Taiwan)

Frolic with the deer at Itsukushima Shrine and try grilled eel!

What are your favorite MALICE MIZER songs? (Ayumi/Japan)

It's hard to decide, but I like Tsuioku no kakera and Bel Air.

I was born in 1997 so when Moi-même-Moitié was founded I was only two years old and unfortunately I was never able to go to the Aoyama store or the one at Marui One... I'm wondering what the atmosphere and staff were like at the Moi-même-Moitié shop! (?/Japan)

The female staff were dressed in nun-like attire. It had an elegant and gothic feel.

What inspired you to start Moi-même-Moitié? (Sherri)

I wanted to create clothes that combined Gothic and Lolita and were mysterious yet cute.

Seeing a photo of you wearing a Snoopy pajama made me smile. Do you often wear clothes with cute prints? What are your cartoon heroes? (Vivian Germany)

As far as character goods go I only really like Snoopy. I've slept in blue Snoopy bedsheets ever since I was a child so I'm really fond of him.

My favorite Moi mem Moitie print is Cathedral. What place or places in the world would you like to see that you have not been to yet? (Julie)

I love cathedrals as well, so I'd like to visit the cathedrals of the world.

I have heard that tattoos are not very common in Japanese culture, but how do you feel about them?
I have been a fan of Moitié for more than half of my life, and I felt that I wanted to have something that represented your brand in my daily life, so I got a tattoo of the logo on my left wrist. (Cynthia)

That's great! To have someone go that far makes me really happy!

Do you have any advice for small girls with short necks, or girls with a big bust and small waist when wearing Lolita? Which styles would suit them? (China)

Shirred pieces fit a variety of body types so how about those?

Have you ever thought of trying styles that are the exact opposite of your own, such as Sweet Lolita? I'd love to see Mana-sama in a sweet coordinate one day. (China)

Well, I generally like it dark! But it might be fun sometimes?

Is there any food you learned to like recently? (China)

In the past I couldn't stand coriander but then I got used to it and now I really like it!

Have you seen the music video for Golden Bomber's Yokubou no Uta? What did you think about their MALICE MIZER cosplay? (China)

"Put in a little more effort!" (laughs)

What is your favorite Moi-même-Moitié print so far? (China)

I've always loved cembalos so when we came out with a cembalo print I was very happy.

Message from Mana-sama

Since so many of you asked me to come to your country, I really want to try and go to as many places as possible!
I couldn’t answer all questions, but I was so happy to feel everyone’s passion!
Please continue to support Moi-même-Moitié!


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