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RendezvousPart IV1:35pm~
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RendezvousPart IV1:35pm~ Moi-meme-Moitie

Brand : Moi-meme-Moitie
Category : Other
JPY ¥1
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Product Information

・Orders over 21600JPY (incl. tax) qualify for one ticket
・Orders over 43200JPY (incl. tax) qualify for two tickets
※Maximum two tickets per person
※Only new Moi-même-Moitié items qualify (no purchases from other brands, no used items)

★Please make sure to put your Online Salon membership number (6 digits) into the comment section when placing your order.
※The event is divided into four parts at different times of the day. Please choose your desired time and place the corresponding ticket into your cart.
※Those who qualify for two tickets must choose one ticket each for two different time slots and place both into their carts.
※You cannot purchase two tickets for the same time slot.
※If you forget to put your ticket(s) into your cart at the time of ordering, your order may no longer qualify for tickets even if you contact us afterwards. Please make sure to add the tickets to your cart before checking out.

Please show your confirmation email (either a printed copy or on your phone or tablet screen) to the staff at the reception desk on the day of the event to receive your ticket number.

※Tickets are first come first served.

《Please note》
・Moi-même-Moitié will not get involved in trading or passing on tickets between customers under any circumstances and cannot be responsible for any trouble that may occur. Please use your own best judgement and conduct any such transactions responsibly.
・If there is reason to believe that tickets have been purchased with the intent to sell them on at a higher price, the customer in question may not be welcome to attend future events.
・Cancellations, returns and refunds are not accepted for any reason, including but not limited to the customer no longer being able to take part in the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
・If you don’t make it to the venue in time for your slot, it may not be possible to let you in while the event is ongoing. It is also not possible to take part in time slots earlier or later than stated your purchased ticket. Please make absolutely sure to be on time.
・There are no lockers or luggage storage available at the venue. Please keep an eye on all your belongings during the entire event.
・Due to the limited space available, please refrain from bringing luggage such as large suitcases with you to the venue.
・Photography, filming or recording of any part of the the event except for the waiting room is not permitted. Please feel free to take photos inside the waiting room.
・The event organizer, venue and artist cannot be held responsible for any accident, theft or similar incident that may occur inside or outside of the venue before, after or during the event.
・Any acts that are deemed to be a hindrance to conducting the event smoothly will result in the attendee being removed from the venue. At worst, the event may be cancelled altogether.
・Please make sure to follow staff announcements and requests.

Out of stock

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Inquire by Email

~Immortal Love Embraced by the Thorns of a Blood-drinking Rose~
Date: July 14, 2019
Venue: A secret location in Tokyo
※Venue will be announced to ticket holders only
**Part III**
Please come to the venue by 1:35pm

Item number x-00240
Shipping Cost Free shipping on orders over JPY5000
(domestic shipping only)
Genre Gothic
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