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How to put on a corset
1:Loosen the the ties and widen the lacing.
2:Wrap the corset around you. Make sure the modesty panel is flat across your back.
3:Close the front busk (the row of fasteners in the front).
4:Start tightening the lacing by pulling on the waist loops.
5:Starting from the top of the corset, tighten the lacing with your fingers section by section until you reach the waist loops
6:Tighten the lacing some more by pulling on the waist loops again.
7:Now tighten the lower lacing, starting from your hip until you reach the waist loops again (this is the same as step 5 but starting from the bottom).
8:Tighten the lacing again by pulling on the waist loops again.
9:Repeat steps 5 to 8 until you feel the corset’s tightness is just right, and tie the waist loops. Many beginners make the mistake of tightening the corset too much, which will make them feel unwell. In this case, untying the waist loops will loosen the corset around the hips and you will instantly feel better. Some wearers actually use the waist loops very cleverly and tie them into beautiful ribbons and such. If you have the chance, have one of them adjust your lacing and tie your waist loops - your back will look even more beautiful.
How to take off a corset
1:Untie the waist loops.
2:Hold onto the eyelets at waist level and wiggle them up and down to widen the lacing gently.
3:Starting from the waist loops going towards the top, gradually loosen the lacing.
4:Starting from the waist loops going towards the bottom, gradually loosen the lacing.
5:Open the front busk and take off the corset.
Corset maintenance
1:Fill your wash basin with hot water (as hot as possible).
2:Add a few drops of a neutral kitchen detergent (such as Joy or similar) and stir it well.
3:Put a towel into the wash basin.
4:Take out the towel and wring it out thoroughly.
5:Use the towel to thoroughly wipe down the inside of the corset to remove sebum. (Sebum may cause the eyelets to rust, so please thoroughly clean them as well.)
6:If you are concerned about tobacco or other smells, hang the corset on a clip hanger and spray it with Febreeze or similar.
Hourglass Corsets
There are two types of hourglass corsets: Overbust and underbust.
Both are linear and stylish, and give the wearer a refined urban silhouette.
Both also exert a lot of pressure on the abdomen and ribs, and are very popular with tightlacers.
There are also Victorian-style half-cups, which look different from traditional hourglass corsets and are closer to ones from the 19th century.
The three-tiered curve from ribcage to hipbone with emphasis on the abdomen, which is easiest to reduce, gives wearers a silhouette that is not just slim but very feminine and rounded. There are also three-tiered undercuts corsets.
For those who prefer a contemporary silhouette, we recommend the linear hourglass corset.
For those who prefer a classical silhouette, we recommend the curved hourglass corset.
Please find the right corset for your purpose.
Waist training
As mentioned in the manual for our Fan-lacing Corset, there are some who wear their corset more or less 24 hours a day, even when sleeping, under their clothes etc, in order to make their waist even smaller.
This is called waist training.
At P.C.W, we recommend waist training for you to enjoy your corset to the fullest, but wearing a corset 24 hours a day is absolutely not recommended.
This is because many tightlacers wear imported corsets or P.C.W’a hourglass corsets, which easily put a strain on the body.
Of course, many who do waist training are fully aware of and fine with the consequences.
But I feel that I can’t sacrifice my body for a fulfilled corset life!
AT P.C.W, we designed a corset specifically for waist training which reduces the strain put on the body as much as possible even when worn for a long time.
Waist training takes years, so we
However, the body is held in place by the corset boning during prolonged waist training, which leads to weakening of the muscles.
Even if the frame gets slimmer, wearers may actually look like they gained weight due to the loss of muscular strength.
Therefore we recommend exercises to strengthen the stomach and back muscles in combination with waist training.
How to choose the size of your corset
Many customers don’t know the correct size for their corset.
Especially when buying a corset for the first time, I’m sure there are many things you are unsure about.
It is recommended that beginners start with a corset in their standard size.
The most important point to consider when wearing a corset is how it is going to look from the back.
What makes a corset look beautiful is the width of the back lacing.
Ideally the width should be about 5cm.
In case you’re wondering by how much you can reduce your waist, with an hourglass corset it will be about 3~5cm at first.
However, if you do waist training, you will find that you will gradually become able to close the corset further.
Experienced wearers can reduce their waist by 10cm or more.
At P.C.W, the standard size is determined by the following formula:
Nude waist measurement - (10cm reduction when corseted + 5cm width of back lacing) = standard size
To put it simply, please think of the standard size as your natural waist minus 15cm.
Of course, this will also vary slightly from person to person. Some may not be able to reduce their waist by that much, some may find they are easily able to lace even tighter, and experienced wearers might even wear their corsets fully closed (with no gap in the back).
For other models, starting with a reduction of about 10cm seems appropriate.

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