海外送料無料キャンペーン継続のお知らせ-【Campaign】Free shipping for international orders over 20,000JPY! -

いつもワンダーウェルトをご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。 3月に実施していた「海外送料無料キャンペーン」について
これからも世界中のお客様がもっとファッションを楽しめるように 快適にお買い物ができるように、スタッフ一同、より一層尽力して参ります。
今後とも、ワンダーウェルトをよろしくお願いいたします。 スタッフ一同


※ポイント適用に関して ・ポイント使用はキャンペーンに影響しません。
例①: 商品の値段:2,0999円 ポイント1000円分ご利用後:19,999円 →送料無料です。
・たまに配布される10%オフクーポンやキャンペーンにディスカウントがある場合、 適用後の価格が20,000円に達していなければ送料無料の対象外となります。
例②: 商品の値段:2,0999円 10%オフクーポンご利用後:1,8899円 →送料1000円となります。





 【EXTENDED】Free shipping for international orders over 20,000JPY♪  


Thank you for always supporting Wunderwelt Online shop.

We received great feedback on the "Free International Shipping Campaign" held in March. Therefore we have decided to continue this campaign.

We hope those who love lolita fashion worldwide will continue to enjoy their lolita fashion style.


Enjoy free shipping on all Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur placed over 20,000JPY per order.
**International orders less than 20,000 JPY, shipping fee all 1000 JPY per order.


<Campaign Period>

March 1 11:00 JST ~ Extended

Please note:

・Orders over 20,000JPY are eligible for free international shipping (including EMS, International ePacket and Yamato shipping).
Less than 20,000 JPY, the international shipping fee is 1000 JPY per order.

Combined shipping is not available.

・There is no coupon code for this campaign.All eligible orders will automatically receive free shipping (or 1000 JPY).

Orders from countries to which mail service is currently suspended also qualify. They will be shipped once the mail service has returned to normal (please note that it is currently unknown when that might be). Also, we can offer Yamato shipping for countries where regular EMS and ePacket shipping is suspended. Please check here → https://libre.wunderwelt.jp/17564/

(Japan Post announced that the acceptance packages via EMS and International ePacket are temporarily suspended to the UK, France, Germany, and certain countries and regions due to the unstable situation in Ukraine from March 8st. 

We can offer international shipping via Yamato International TA-Q-BIN (UPS) as an alternative shipping method. 

However, please note that due to Yamato shipments being handled differently than regular shipments, packing and shipping will be delayed several days. Please allow more time than usual for delivery. )

・An order that was over 20,000JPY before point use and is under 20,000 JPY after points have been applied still qualifies.

e.g. Order Payment: 20,999 JPY

        After applying 1000 points: 19,999 JPY

         → Free Shipping

But not eligible under 20,000JPY after using coupon/discount (e.g. 10%OFF coupon).

e.g. Order Payment: 20,999 JPY

       After applying 10% coupon: 18,999 JPY

        → Shipping fee 1,000 JPY

Only orders placed after March 1 at 11:00 Japanese time are eligible. Orders placed before or after do not qualify. Please make sure to place your order within the campaign period (please be careful of time zones).

・The offer is only valid for orders placed during the campaign. (Orders over 50.000JPY are eligible for a shipping discount of 5,000JPY.) combined shipping with orders placed before or after is available, but the customer must pay for the portion of the shipping cost for these orders.

・Both EMS and International ePacket shipping are free of charge.If you specify ePacket shipping and your order won't fit the weight/size requirements, your shipping will be automatically changed to EMS.

・Preorder and special order items are also eligible for free shipping.

**Generally, we don't accept order cancellations for any reason. Please confirm the item details, item condition and size/measurements before ordering.




<活动期間> 2022年3月开始~暂时未定结束时间


【例1】 我有囤货已经满2万了可以包邮吗?
【例2】 预约商品出货是几个月后了,那个时候还包邮吗?