Tertulia Lolita 4th Anniversary Tea Party

Last month my lolita community celebrated their 4th anniversary and we decided to have a small tea party with a British theme. The venue we chose was a well known traditional café in Buenos Aires: London City. We chatted a lot and ate a lot too. We had a special guest who came all the way from Nara, Japan, in order to interview us about lolita fashion overseas. It was a very interesting experience.


We had an illustration done by Vanilla Studio for our social media sites to commemorate our anniversary. It has a religious aesthetic because our Loliday event will be religious themed.


I’ll share with you some of the coords I liked the most:

  1. 1. Pinky wearing an Alice in Wonderland themed dress.

2. Belen, who’s pretty new to the comm, wearing a handmade tartan dress. So cute!

3. Alicia, daughter of my co-admin, wearing a classic BtSSB JSK. She’s not a lolita but she enjoys dressing up when coming to meet ups with her mom.

4. Eva was wearing a punk style coord which I absolutely loved! She’s with Natalia, a soon to be lolita.

Emilia and I, the hosts of the event, were too busy so we couldn’t take proper photos until we were on our way back home. Both of us went for a classic look inspired by fairy tales.

And here’s a group pic of all the attendees!


We’re now getting ready for the big International Lolita Day event in June! I’ll report to you about it too.

Thanks for reading!


Violet Lunchell

I'm a lolita from Argentina and I'm in charge of my localcommity called Tertulia Lolita. I work as a teacher and a plushie maker. I enjoy collecting kawaii stuff and action figures. Some of my hobbies include watching American TV shows and anime, browsing the net and playing otome games.

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